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Google was originally supposed to be called Googol but the owners made a spelling mistake.

.com are still the most popular domain name extension across the globe.  “.com” extensions are easy to register.

It is possible to register more than one domain name. Many people and businesses own many different domain names and extensions to promote and enhance their internet presence.  

It is possible to register a new domain name and point it to your current website. This increases your web presence, protects you from your competition and makes you easier to find.

Did you know?

There are over 360 million registered domain names on the internet as of 2020. There were 5.5 million registrations in the last 3 months alone. Your domain name is one of the primary ways your customers can find you. Domain names are affordable and a great way to promote and protect your brand.

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Domain Registration Tips and Tricks for Better Business Effectiveness

Your online identity is defined by your domain name. It is an extension of your business and is a reflection of your business practices. Customers will often type your business name direct into a web browser to find you. Consider the following suggestions.  

Register similar names

Register additional domains that are similar or associated with your business. Register domains with same name but different extensions. Domain registration is cheap and you can register as many domains as you wish.

Register obvious spelling mistakes

Make yourself easier to find by registering obvious and common mistakes that are often made by customers when accessing your domain. It might not seem like such a big deal, but it is possible that your main competition could register that common spelling mistake and take advantage of your good brand.

Don’t let your domain names expire!

Domain Names are only valid for a a limited period of time. They will expire and will need to be renewed. Make sure you know when your domains are due for renewal.

 Plan ahead

If you have a project, idea or plan for the future, make sure your check that your domain name is available and purchase it early. This will prevent your domain name being taken before you register. 

Transfer your domains

Where is your domain hosted? When do they expire? Will you be notified when they are due for renewal? Transfer your domain names to a local provider so that they are all managed together.

Consolidate and evaluate

When you transfer your domains it is a perfect time to evaluate your needs. There have been significant changes since you last registered or renewed your domain names. Take the time to review your internet presence and products.


On Top Of IT is here to help. We can advise you on your options for registering domain names and we can register bulk domains on your behalf. Ask us for suggestions and rules related to domain name registration. We are happy to register on your behalf or you can register your own names in our online shop.